Mission and vision

SPS Strategic Vision

Our vision is to be dynamic, innovative and a customer-focused training provider; to provide a learning environment that goes beyond the expectations of clients and partners to deliver bespoke courses designed to increase work confidence and career-success. Embedding the highest standard of information, advice and guidance is central to our core vision.

Company Mission

  1. Strengthen and develop the employability of adults and young people
  2. To be an ambassador for positive thinking to enable clients and staff to flourish
  3. Support the progression of individuals through learning into work
  4. Contribute to the growth and economic development of the region
  5. Support the growth of apprenticeships and local SME business
  6. To create support systems for Job Centres, Work Programme and other local business in relation to training and employment.
  7. To increase functional skills in the local (IT, Literacy and Numeracy)

Our Values

  1. Our learners are at the centre of what we do
  2. We work with partners who help us achieve our goals and share our aims
  3. Every learner is provided with IAG at any stage of their learner process to ensure they are on the correct course
  4. Innovation, creativity, positivity and autonomy are encouraged in a supportive work environment


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