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Jodie Chalkley
Monday, 25 September 2017

Lovely company

Sps is a lovely company, I would recommend to anyone nothing but helpful and caring staff.

Jamie Webb
Monday, 25 September 2017

First class retailer in UK

I completed a course with SPS they are professional but also know how to make teaching fun if i didnt do this course i wouldnt of got job at debenhams so thank you for your support

Tara Wales
Monday, 25 September 2017

Mum to Working professional

I would recommend sps to anyone whos looking for work or just wanna refresh your brain with a few courses. I started with sps the end of last year the people there helped me so much with my confidence,and cvs i have now been working in a job i love for 4 months and its all thanks to sps.

Martine Cheesman

From despair to hope

The support you get is second to none. I highly recommend SPS Training.

They are with you every step of the way and continue to be on your onward journey!!! My confidence was boosted and they gave me the tools and advice I needed in my employment search.

Sue Sexton

Redundancy heartache

I had worked in Investment Banking for many years and was made redundant. I took a year off to rest and spend time with my family but when it came to looking for work I found I had lost confidence and the routine of the work environment was scary.

 I decided the best approach was to update my IT skills. I had used them in the past but was self-taught, this way I was learning the skills from scratch via tutorials.

I found the course both fascinating and challenging and I was shocked with initially how tired it made me. It is so true that the brain is a muscle and you need to work it for a while to get back up to speed. I came to the centre every day and found my speed and memory improved greatly on a daily basis to the point where I completed all my modules earlier than the time scale allocated to me.

The tutors were wonderful, supportive, helpful and also good fun. The learning is not a school environment where you are micro managed and given a fixed timetable. You agree your own timetable and if you are tired you can leave when you feel you have had enough. You do however have communicate with them and attend when you say you will.

Within a day of finishing my course I started a new job in a local GP practice which I love. I have already been trained on two roles and am about to learn a third. I have continued looking at investment banking roles and have honed my interview skills and even got to final interview for a very challenging role for a Tier 1 bank. When the right role comes along  I may well step back into that arena, the main thing is that I am ready and looking and happily working for the NHS in the meantime.

What I have found is that I have transferable skills and a lot of experience to offer the job market. I thank the tutors personally for that, for without the IT course I completed with SPS I may never have realised it.

Chris B


I wanted to write and say how impressed I was by my recent experience of studying Functional skills Maths - SPS Training Solutions in Hatfield. I found the course materials clear and comprehensive and the speed with which you marked and returned my written work very impressive and I was able to pass first time with a high mark. I would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone seeking to study maths with SPS and the bonus is that it is free!

Thanks again Jess

Gemma Watts

Gemma + SPS = Maths Achievement

I had to do Maths Functional Skills to be able to progress further in my career. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and there were a lot of times throughout the course that I wanted to give up and I didn’t think I could do it. The staff at SPS Training Hatfield were amazing. They kept encouraging me and they believed in me more than I did! They are always at the end of the phone or email to help when it’s needed and I needed it a lot.

I failed the end exam twice and on the third attempt I was ready to give up if I hadn’t passed but it was third time lucky and I did eventually pass!!

Passing this course means that my career is no longer on hold, I can finally go on and achieve more, I’ve shown my children that I am not a failure and I now have more faith in myself because I have proven that I am capable of doing what I feared would never be possible. 

Henna Khan

Great advice opens a brighter future for Henna

As a mother of three children I decided some time ago to stay at home for my children’s early years and put my career on hold.  However I did not realise at the time that it would come at a sacrifice to my career.  So when I was ready to step out and I stepped into the job market I found as I applied for positions, I was competing with 100 other applicants.  All of my previous credentials were no longer valid considering technology had moved on so fast whilst I chose to stay at home.  So it dawned on me in order to be noticed I had to prove myself and update my skills. 

I volunteered as an I.T champion at my local library helping people and also trying to pick up new computer skills at the same time for 2 years.  However after talking with a recruitment consultant and still not getting anywhere job wise I was told that if I got certified in my skills when it comes to I.T, there would be no question mark against me.  After some research and many phone calls to numerous colleges and centres, I finally called Daiva Diliute at SPS-Training.  I came to meet her and had no clue as to what I wanted to do, how I was going to achieve it let alone which direction I was heading in.  The only thing I knew was that I was determined to prove myself and my skills.  That I was capable and I was hungry to use my brain which I had not done in a while.  After talking to Daiva who listened to my struggles, she made some suggestions as she was quick to identify what my interests were and what I would enjoy doing and what course would most benefit me.  After talking through an ECDL programme I went away and looked at the course content and after sitting a small test Daiva quickly identified my level of knowledge with reference to applications.  She also found me a way to help pay for it through the government scheme which I would never have known about if it wasn’t for Daiva. 

I convinced myself that I was only capable of doing level 2, but as some of my knowledge was already there Daiva encouraged me to try the advanced level.  To be honest I didn’t think I could pull it off but I did know one thing, that I would work hard and with the right support I would ensure if I struggled that I practised and studied it till I understood it.  So I began my course journey in April.  Not all exams I passed but I was able to try again on a few of them with the help of staff members in the team here, Jess, Raechel and Tasneem as well as Daiva.  They took their time to sit with me and guided me through my errors and it was the best way to learn, through my mistakes.  I sat through a total of 16 exams and mocks and each time I passed, I gained a sense of achievement that I had not felt in a while.  There were times I had self-doubt but the support and patience from Daiva and her team gave me that confidence that I can do it.  Once I completed the course it felt surreal.  I could not believe just from April to July that I had actually done it and I know it wouldn’t have been possible if I had not had the support from Daiva and her team here.  So if you’re in any doubt that you can achieve it, trust me don’t.  This is the place you need to come to and need to be at.  Not only do you get face to face support and training but they monitor your progress and are so patient.  They go above and beyond their role.  Amazing team and an Amazing tutor Daiva Diliute

Sunday, 18 June 2017

From Fear to Friend - The world of ICT

“Thank You” to all the tutors at learndirect. Your help, encouragement and support over the last few months have been a tremendous boost to my self-confidence, which was really shattered when I was made redundant. When I first came along to learndirect was really sacred of computers. You took me right down to the very last basic of working on a computer and that’s was brilliant because it taught me why things are done in a certain way, and how. From getting onto the internet to finding information, sending messages, putting pictures into text – I can do that now, no problem, and I’m not scared of it anymore.

Seriously can’t thank you all enough for everything you’ve done, you are all stars! I am starting a new job on Monday


Opening the world of ICT

I wanted to do something about my life in terms of computers but did not know where to go.

So I found out about SPS/Learndirect Hatfield. I popped in for the chat. Staff was so welcome, friendly and helpful where never I needed. I studied when I had time, on my own pace and within 2 months I had achieved my BCS full level 2 ITQ Qualification and Numeracy certificate. I can’t thank them enough!!!!!

Now I have confidence in myself. My new learnt IT skills have already helped me a lot in professional and everyday life.

Thank you to all the friendly staff in center.

If I can do it – you can too!!!!

Tracey Stevens

Workshop Preparing for Employment

My name is Tracy Stevens and I attended the above workshop. This is a good course to help you back to work and to prepare for an interview.

I found this course very helpful and understood the concept of the questions that would be asked in an interview, and also the questions you may want to ask. The course was structured really well and there were breakdowns in every subject.

We were shown how to apply for a job online, look for a job online, find out the history of the employer and to fill out an application form.

Then there was the preparation of the interview. The structure that Claire used which really helped me with my interview was STAR.

S = Structure

T = Task

A = Action

R = Result


When questions are asked in an interview you can break down your answers using this method. By using this skill I have had two interviews and the feedback was excellent. I felt much more confident in preparing and going for an interview. 

Jane Johnson
Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hatfield is great

I am thoroughly enjoying my learning experience with SPS.  I have gained a level 1 IT certificate and a city and guilds maths for functional skills,  Now working on Level 1 word processing.  Working in the past in various office backgrounds I believe I was working a computer 'parrot fashioned' now understanding more of how a computer works what makes the internet come through to our finger tips it does make the whole world of the worldwide web much more interesting.  As for the maths my brain had become extremely lazy and after years of relying on calculators etc , I have found myself frequently adding up in my head.  Another instance whilst travelling around Cyprus I found myself converting kilometres to miles ( which I would never have done this time last year).  Yes it has definitely woken up my grey matter.  I am very grateful for this opportunity. 


Microsoft Excel

With the friendly staff always on hand to give immediate help when required without being intrusive, the relaxed atmosphere encouraged me to continue a stage further than planned and gain a better qualification.

Thanks to all concerned.



Everyone at the centre was very friendly & helpful, leave you to get on with your training in your own time & space...But always there for you if need be. Audio, assignments and supervisors knowledge were excellent throughout my time here



A very good experience from start to finish. The staff were very friendly and very helpful and the course was excellent too. Thanks!!"


Microsoft Office Skills

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU, to all the staff here at SPS Training Solutions, Hemel Hempstead.

I have now got another job as a retail manager in a local charity shop, but I would never have applied for it in the first place without starting this course as one of the must haves was that you had to be computer literate, which I am now! So thank you once again."


IT Skills

After completing several courses and passing tests I soon found myself looking into my future. They are extremely friendly, professional and I would definitely recommend them!
Many thanks to the Hemel team.


IT Skills

I have found the team to be very professional and helpful at all times, and I would not have achieved my 'goals' without their help and support. I would not hesitate to recommend this way of learning to anyone, and I look forward to receiving my certificate for the last course I completed.


Basic Computer and IT Skills

I have been very pleased whilst studying here. Everything has been excellent. Support was always available when needed.


Microsoft Office Skills

The SPS Training solutions are a great way to learn at your own pace. There was plenty of support available when needed.


I have now got another job as a retail manager in a local charity shop, but I would never have applied for it in the firsttestimonial image - sps training place without starting this course as one of the must haves was that you had to be computer literate, which I am now! So thank you once again.


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